Sacred Space

Post by Jim Struck

I became a coach in 2007.  Prior to that time I had served in a number of senior leadership roles over a 30 year business career.  I became a coach to help individuals and groups of people find greater performance in their business lives and greater satisfaction in their personal lives.

That ‘connection’ with those that I coach is a sacred space.  I am often afforded a look into a person’s most vulnerable self.  In that moment I must be able to respond with gentleness and respect.  Often, that ‘look’ inside provides the clue(s) as how to best guide them to personal discovery that enables them to unlock one or more keys to substantial growth.

HealthNet is a place of many sacred places and spaces as professionals work to deliver physical and behavioral care…many times to those who can least afford it.  They change lives through education, the quality of their interaction and influence with the patients, and the physical and emotional healing they are able to provide.

Coaching and those that work at HealthNet are in the business of helping people become more of who they were created to be.  We both use our training and our gifts to reach people and help people get from where they are to a better place.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve HealthNet in my capacity on the Board, and as a coach contributing to the advancement of the HealthNet Leadership Academy.  This has been a great experience!

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