Finding Peace of Mind in Trying Times

HealthNet’s social workers….giving YOU the opportunity to give DIRECTLY to our patients…one gift at a time….

It is not a secret that the economy in the United States has been struggling over the last couple years. As Americans, we have been facing one the worst recessions in history. Thousands of people have lost their jobs, homes, and health insurance. In fact, the Census Bureau’s annual report on poverty shows just how tough 2009 was. The increase in the number of Americans living below the poverty level and those without health insurance painted a bleak picture. According to a post on ABC News Online, the uninsured population topped 50 million for the first time – rising to 16.7 percent.  And, the percentage of Americans living in poverty increased to 14.3 percent.

HealthNet has seen a rise in uninsured patients and our providers have struggled to keep up with the demand for quality and accessible health care for those living in poverty. But health care does not just encompass medical care. The need for mental health and counseling services has also increased and HealthNet’s social workers have been working hard to help families simply meet their basic needs. We have witnessed more and more families struggling to keep up in a weak economy and most are seeking guidance and help to provide the basic necessities, such as a roof over their heads, heat in their homes and food on their tables.

Often times, when our families come to our health centers needing medical care, our providers are able to identify other areas of need that, in some cases, is leading to health concerns. For example, a family who has recently lost a job is concerned about making their mortgage payments. They are unable to afford their heating bills, their children are in need of new shoes and uniforms for school, and they are struggling to put food on the table. This added stress can lead to elevated blood pressures, gastrointestinal problems and even increase the risk for abuse and neglect for young children. HealthNet’s social workers engage these families in case management support and are able to direct them to area services such as housing and utility assistance programs, legal aid, and other area organizations who can help them with basic necessities.

We believe that health care goes beyond the medical services we provide. HealthNet’s social workers provide a key element in the wrap around care that we believe treats the whole person, not just their medical conditions.

Join us in the fight to build a healthier Indianapolis community. By contributing $25 to our social services program, you are enabling our social workers to continue providing outreach and case management support to those that need it most. A gift of $25 towards our patient emergency fund helps our social workers provide immediate needs such as food, diapers, school uniforms and utility support while they seek other long-term assistance.  You can help those that have to make the unfortunate decision between heat in there home and medicine for their child.

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