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In My Shoes: A Day in the Life of a Social Worker

My name is Katie Kauffman and I am the Social Worker for PACC. When asked to write this blog post, I was coming out of a tough week (as many of us face in our work) and hopefully can shed some light on the impact not only we as medical providers have, but also the [...]

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Easy tips for being more active!

With the kids back in school, it seems like every family is busier than ever! Between school activities, jobs, and chores, there’s never enough time to be as active as we should. Check out the tips below for ways to be more active as a family! Sign up for a family 5K run/walk. Throughout summer [...]

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Engaging Fathers, Building Healthy Families: Part 1

Post by Omega Tandy As a part of Healthy Families Indiana, we recognize the importance of fatherhood, and deal closely with fatherless families. As a child abuse and neglect prevention program, we especially take notice of the effects of fatherless homes as it relates to child abuse. Compared to living with both parents, living in [...]

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The More They Burn, The Better They Learn: Six Ways to Keep Your Kids Active This Fall

Did you know that kids who receive mostly As on their report cards are almost twice as likely to get the recommended daily 60 minutes of physical activity than kids who receive mostly Ds and Fs? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, kids who perform better in school are more likely to [...]

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Healthy Grocery Shopping Without Blowing Your Budget – 12 Tips to Know

You can shop healthy with a manageable amount of expense. Here’s a dozen ways to take care of your health at the grocery store without breaking the bank, thanks to HealthNet’s Health Promotions staff: Clip, save and use coupons. Stick with only the items you use. Check out the store flyer for sale items as [...]

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Giving a Care about Indianapolis parents & children..

Our Better Indy Babies/Healthy Families (BIBS/HF) Programs celebrated the successes of many inner-city Indianapolis parents and children about a week an a half ago at their 11th Annual Family Picnic!  Around 400 families were present at Garfield Park on the pretty steamy Friday.  Lunch was provided for all. The day also included PLENTY of activities [...]

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Finding Peace of Mind in Trying Times

HealthNet’s social workers….giving YOU the opportunity to give DIRECTLY to our patients…one gift at a time…. It is not a secret that the economy in the United States has been struggling over the last couple years. As Americans, we have been facing one the worst recessions in history. Thousands of people have lost their jobs, [...]

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Teen birth rate is increasing?

Indiana has gone an entire decade with decreasing teen birth rates, until now. From 1997-2005, we have seen a decrease in teen pregnancy from 32.1 per 1000 female teens to 20.5 per 1000 female teens.  However, that number rose from ’05 to ’07 and now stands at 21.9. The Indiana Youth Institute sent out an [...]

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Childhood Abuse leading to Addiction – who is blamed?

Coming up with a title for this post was tough.. It is easy to answer the question and not read the post. Who is blamed for childhood abuse? – Adults/caretakers in that child’s life. Who is blamed for addiction? – The individual who can’t help themselves. But before you click away, what if I posed [...]

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