Give a Care About Home!

Imagine having one team provide all your medical, dental and health education needs.

Now imagine never being turned away because of inability to pay.

Think about receiving the highest quality of service and care and what that will mean for your family.

Operating as a community health center, HealthNet does exactly that, often surprising uninsured and underinsured patients with the range of low-cost benefits available to them.

For more than 44 years, HealthNet has delivered quality primary care to underserved communities throughout Indianapolis and central Indiana. Over the years, we’ve expanded our definition of primary care to include dental, behavioral health, health education, social work, outreach services and much more. When patients enter the doors of a HealthNet facility, they’ve entered their medical home.

This year, HealthNet began the process of seeking formal recognition for its patient-centered approach through the Joint Commission.

While the term Primary Care Medical Home and the designation are relatively new in the health care industry, it is a practice that HealthNet has used for a long time. Patients benefit from a team of providers, nurses, specialists, health educators and case managers. Our entire team will work with you to develop a custom, culturally appropriate care plan that best suit your health care needs.

And, we’re working to get better at it. Pursuing Primary Care Medical Home (PCMH) status enhances our efforts to continuously improve the personal and coordinated care that we provide for our patients. PCMH creates an environment that allows us to work better as a team and treat the whole patient. It’s at the core of our organization, and is an accreditation that we will be extremely proud to have earned, once the process is complete.

Throughout September we’ll be talking more about the concept of “home,” and how it is key to everyone’s health and well-being. We invite you to join in the conversation!

What you can expect…

- We will be holding conversations every Monday on Twitter and Facebook, sharing favorite quotes, questions, and tips about making your home a healthier place for you and your family. Lots of info will be shared throughout the entire day.  Look for the hashtag #healthystart and TUNE IN!

- We will feature blogs throughout the month from patients and staff who have amazing insights to share on what having a health care home really means – for you, your family, our neighborhoods and our city.

- Keep a lookout on our Facebook page for No Place Like Home Fridays! A giveaway will occur each Friday for those who participate.  Details, again, will be found on our Facebook page the day of the giveaways.

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How you can directly help…

If you remember nothing else, please let it be that HealthNet very much needs your help! In order to expand our reach, we need support from people like you who crave to help their community.

If you like what you read in September, we are asking that you please consider forwarding these messages, links, tweets and Facebook posts to friends, family members, and work colleagues. By providing a little education and an easy way to get involved, we believe we can bring new awareness to our cause — especially with your encouragement!

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