Our Office as a Second Home

Post by Varon Cantrell, M.D., and Team Cantrell

When I think about how I can best make a contribution to society, I start by first looking in the mirror and then I immediately turn to the 5 most important people in my life; my wife and four children. 

The six of us together living in a house, but what makes that house a home is the abundance of Love and the Grace of God that keeps us in great health; physically, mentally, emotionally and most importantly, spiritually.  A house is simply a structure, but what makes a house a “home” are the people and the daily realities.

With that in mind, I think about what we do on a weekly basis at Southwest Heath Center in caring for our patients.  We love our patients and we do our very best to provide them with quality, evidence-based and up-to-date health care  each and every day.  The other thing that is so rewarding is that our patients feel a since of comfort when they come to our office for their visits. 

There have been many times when a patient of mine has commented on how well they were treated by the individuals throughout the center; especially by our medical assistants and nurses.  Our patients feel welcomed, they do not feel judged and the love (which is an action word) that we display towards them is real and in almost every case is reciprocated in the form of the gratitude expressed and the compliance acted upon on their part.

There are times when our patients contact the office because they have nowhere else to turn.  We have had patients tell us that we are the “only family” that they have.  While that is a sad consideration, it is also very humbling that we are held with such high regard. 

Life “happens” to all of us and it is a good feeling for individuals to know that they have a “home” where they can go for direction, guidance and most importantly acceptance.  We all want to be loved and we all need a house that we can call a home.

Know that you are welcomed in OUR HOUSE any time. 

Our mission is to IMPROVE lives with COMPASSIONATE health CARE and SUPPORT services….  We will improve your life/situation because we are compassionate, we care and you will have our support.  We are honored and humbled to open up our home to you.  Come on home!

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