Give A Care About Hopes and Dreams!

Post written by Benita Mullins

It is common knowledge that HOPES & DREAMS are rumbling desires waiting to burst from the hearts of every one of us to form as a pleasant reality in our lives.

These desires that lay within our hearts are not there for us alone, but also for the others we love and care for as well.  We are human, and we are all always HOPING for a better way and DREAMING for more, more, more.

Self-proclaimed realists feel that things like HOPES & DREAMS are what fairy tales are made of, but often fail to understand they are all that some people have in their lives to hold on to.

The fact is, not everyone is the same! There are people living without the luxuries that most have and take for granted in their day to day lives like an education, family support and guidance, the ability to work, or the ability to just socialize. I’m sure there are not enough fingers and toes to count the reasons or critical areas people are found to be less fortunate, but I do know several cling to their HOPES & DREAMS just to survive.

Without help from the HealthNet staff many people would not know how to even take the first step to fulfilling their own HOPES & DREAMS.

For instance, a family of four with two children who spent a majority of their childhood with an absent father due to his decade-long addiction to pain medicine. Their father lived in the same home with them, but was emotionally unavailable to them. Their fragile hearts and innocent minds needed what was missing from a strong father figure.

If it were not for the attentive care of the Behavioral Health team and the BIBs & Healthy Families staff, the children’s HOPES & DREAMS of ever having a happy family with a drug-free father would not be a reality today. Today this family is still working diligently to build on what they’ve lacked for so long, but continue to do so with loving hearts, and open minds.

HOPES & DREAMS can take many forms — some are external, material things and others are intrinsic and character-based — but none are more or less important than another.


What are your biggest hopes and dreams for YOUR family today?

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