The Holidays – Joys and Fears

Post by Bhumi Bhavsar

With the Holidays slowly creeping up again, it can be a very stressful time of the year.

One of the most basic tips I tell all my patients, is self care.  Self care is very important – make sure you take some time out of your busy daily schedule to refocus and refill yourself back up.

Our society is built around constantly being on the go and we never seem to take a few minutes of a breather for ourselves.

I always share with my patients that you will not be able to take care of your friends/family/loved ones if you are not doing well emotionally and physically.  Sometimes we tend to forget that our emotional, physical, and spiritual selves are connected and if one of those are off kilter, then the other two will also be impacted.

For example, if you are feeling ill, emotionally you are going to be feeling down and lack of motivation to do anything, and your spirits will also be low.  In the same way, if you are anxious and stressed, than that will have an impact on your physically as well – pains throughout your body, headaches, chest palpitations, etc.  So this Holiday season, do yourself a favor and be sure you take some time out for yourself.  Even if that just means 15 minutes to yourself daily to sit and listen to music.

The Holiday season can also be a very scary and tearful time of year, especially if you have experienced loss through out the year.

This is when you may miss your loved one the most, as you reminisce about the past Holidays and the various traditions that person did.

Try not to set your mind up ahead of time, by saying “it just won’t be the same.”  Yes, it won’t be the same, however, please do keep in mind that with grief, things do get better with time.  Just because they are not around to celebrate this year, it does not mean that you won’t be able to engage in the same family traditions as you did when they were around.

Sometimes getting together as a family and engaging in those family traditions together is the best medicine to help everyone get through the tough times.  I had a patient tell me last holiday season, that even though it was tough, they still celebrated the Holidays and everyone had a good time and they were able to reminiscence about past Holidays when their loved one was present.

Not only are the Holidays about family and love, however it is also about the season of giving – whatever that may be.

Even though we think that we have things rough, there are always other people out there that will have things just a little rougher than we do.  For those of us that have our basic necessities met, we tend not to think about what it would like to not have them.  However, a lot of our patients do not have their basic necessities.  Can you imagine being a 10-year-old child and constantly worrying about not having enough food in the house?  Or not sure if you will have milk to eat with your cereal?  Or can you imagine not having a coat with the freezing temperatures?  That is the unfortunate reality of the majority of our patients.

So this Holiday season, take a few minutes of your time to help someone in need out there.

Whether you donate coats, hats, mittens, scarves, etc.; non- perishable food items; or just donating your time at a soup kitchen or a shelter – all of that goes to help a fellow brother or sister in need


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