Our Petition Drive was a success! Make that voice even stronger.

Over the past six weeks, staff at each of our health centers, have been working hard at a petition drive to gain as many signatures of support from staff, patients and the community for the Health Center Program. It is vital to maintain and very important to try and increase the amount of federal funding for community health centers throughout the United States. The petition was also in support of no cuts in Medicaid funding, a resource that covers many of our patients!

We collected 3,287 petition signatures!

And now, we are asking for you to help our voices become even stronger! These petitions are being delivered to a few legislators to encourage them to take notice and educate themselves on a topic of need and interest to many when it comes to community health centers!!

To make the petition drive fun for staff and – to provide an incentive for them to go the extra mile to get signatures of support – the team with the most signatures won a pizza party for their entire Health Center staff! That winning team was….drum roll please….

Southwest Health & Dental Center!!!

So now it is YOUR turn… GET UP, GET OUT, AND VOTE!! The primary election is important and a way for you to have a voice and make yourself heard!! Encourage your co-workers to vote, or your friends, or family….maybe your employer would consider hosting a pizza party if 100% of staff voted on May 8th? Never hurts to ask!

And, who doesn’t like a free lunch simply for doing something good?

Click here to find the polling place nearest you

P.S. If you don’t vote, then this guy may yell at you…


flickr photo by Adam Merton

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