What is this GET UP, GET OUT AND GO VOTE theme??

Well, it is a play on words from a throwback hip-hop song that I don’t think is appropriate to post directly on this blog :) . (But feel free to try and search for it).


the basis for the theme is to have some fun with voting in the Indiana Presidential Primary next week – Tuesday May, 8th.

This is our third blog stressing the need to GET UP, GET OUT AND GO VOTEOur first post stressed doing it for your health center; the second post explained that voting makes your voice stronger in the long run; and this post will explain why it is important to do it for yourself.

Let’s be honest.  There is an overwhelming majority of people who simply don’t have confidence in government right now.  We are being worn down by the economy, lack of jobs, and more.  There was even a poll done by the New York Times & CBS News that found 89% of Americans distrust the government to do the right thing.  Given that was back in October, but not much has changed since then.

One way to turn this feeling around is by getting out to vote and expressing our opinions to the officials that DO get elected.  The person that you want in office may not be the one elected, but if enough voters express their beliefs to their legislator, then that official has no choice but to listen if they want to keep voters.


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Do your homework on the candidates, invite a friend of family member to go with you, and GET UP, GET OUT AND GO VOTE next Tuesday.  If you don’t want to do it for a certain candidate, do it for yourself.  Do it so you feel confident enough to call your Senator or Representative if you feel they are representing their community in the wrong way!

Find your polling place by clicking here!

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