GO VOTE! Indiana Presidential Primary in 2 WEEKS!

So, we had a post about voting a couple weeks ago.  That post talked about what it means to voting in the long run.  A quick summary – “Just because you feel like your voice isn’t being heard during elections, your voice becomes louder in the long run if you DO get out and vote.”

Today is another call out to GET OUT AND VOTE in the Indiana Primary in two weeks.  Tuesday, May 8th is the date.  If you would like to add it to your Google Calendar, then click the “Google Calendar” button below!

Our health center staff have been spending the last month collecting signatures for our petition to show support for the Health Centers program!  But, another way to make those voices even more effective would be if a congressional staff person is looking through the names and sees names of VOTERS!


flickr photo by KOMUnews

If they see voters’ names on a petition, then they know that there could be the potential to lose votes in the next election if they don’t support health centers!

A quick heads up…this won’t be our last reminder!  But hey, voting is a RIGHT that should be expressed.

Invite a coworker to vote with you.  Or a family member.  Or a friend.  Make it a good experience for everyone, so that it doesn’t feel like a chore!

Have a great Tuesday! See you at the polls in TWO WEEKS!

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