Be A Quitter For One Day!

Today is the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout! Did you know that quitting for just one day can make a big difference in your health? HealthNet’s Tobacco Cessation Coordinator, Stacey Chappell, gives tips on quitting!

What is the Great American Smokeout (GASO)?

The Great American Smokeout (GASO) is a nationwide event held each year on the third Thursday of November.  The goal of GASO is to encourage people who smoke to give up their cigarettes for one day.  The hope is that they will continue to stay quit!

History of GASO

The concept of GASO began in the 1970’s when people in Randolph, Massachusetts were asked to give up cigarettes for one day and donate the money they saved to a high school scholarship.

The idea escalated from there.  In 1976, nearly 1 million people quit smoking during GASO in California alone!  Since then not only have millions of people quit smoking, but smoking bans have taken place in businesses, cities and states nationwide.

Why quit?

The human body starts recovering from any damage caused by smoking almost immediately after quitting.  Below is a chart from the American Cancer Society that shows details of how the body heals itself after one quits smoking.

How to quit?

Research shows that the chances of quitting and staying quit drastically increase when help is sought, whether it be a medication, support group, or smoking cessation program.  Below are some online resources for quitting.

Guide to Quitting Smoking

Smoke-free Countdown Clock

Cost Calculator

Smoke-free Journey

For more information on HealthNet’s FREE Tobacco Cessation Program, make an appointment at a HealthNet location near you. 

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