Show your Mamas some LOVE!!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner!

Kay Johnson, HealthNet staff member, shares her personal story on the importance of reminding the ones you love to take care of themselves.  Whether it is a gentle push or a ‘GET YOUR BUTT TO THE DOCTOR!’, Kay stresses the urgency to love the ones nearest to you.

Kay, as a child, with her mother!

I’ve been mothered by many amazing women in my lifetime, and I’m grateful to all of them. There were Betty and Liz, second moms who rounded out my own mom’s mothering. Aunt Bonnie, who checked on me regularly during my growing up years to make sure I was holding steady. Ruthie, a neighbor who grew to be one of my most trusted confidants. And Emily, who always knew when to give me a good swift kick as only a best friend can!

Most importantly, there was my own mother, who taught me moxie, grace and conviction. And especially my grandma, who surely earned sainthood status for raising me while in her 60s and 70s after my mom died of breast cancer at age 36.

Although I’m thankful for all the mothering I’ve had, there’s almost nothing I would like more than to go back in time and urge my mom to get that breast check-up earlier than she did. If you still have that opportunity with your mom – take it! Mother’s Day is a great time to gently nag HER for a change (with love, of course!) and encourage her to take care of herself.

I’ve added three names to my list of amazing women that I’m celebrating this Mother’s Day. Strong women I’ve met at HealthNet who are doing just that – mothering other women in how to take care of themselves. There’s Irene, a woman of faith who courageously battled breast cancer and now shares her story so that her daughters, and others, can learn from her experience. There’s Paula, a nurse and breast cancer survivor who teaches low-income moms how to be their own best health care advocate. And Maggie, a young woman who honors the grandmother she never knew by helping women in need get access to life-saving mammograms.

There’s almost nothing I would like more than to go back in time and urge my mom to get that breast check-up earlier than she did! – Kay speaking about losing her mother as a child.

In honor and in memory of mothers everywhere, let’s share the love we feel for our own moms – and other “moms” in our lives – by spreading the word and raising funds to support women in Indy who need better access to women’s health care. I encourage you to read more about the need and then to do something about it!

Make a $25 donation today that will help a woman in need gain access to a mammogram, visit our website and refer someone who needs direction to begin regular screenings, or simply spread the word on the importance of regular check-ups and mammograms.  Together, we can break down ALL barriers keeping women from staying healthy.

Tell us something special about one of the “moms” in your life! Visit our Facebook page and share your story!

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