Grassroots Advocacy Never Sleeps!

Well we almost got a little power nap!

Budget talks for Fiscal Year 2012 are on the table in the U.S. House of Representatives, and yes once again, we need to remind our legislators just how important community health centers are — not only to saving the health care system money but also to saving patients’ (constituents’) lives.

It seems like we just finished fighting the proposed $1 billion cut for FY2011, which ended up being reduced to a $600 million cut thanks to our efforts as a grassroots advocacy team!  We all give a care about what goes on within our health center walls. And, we all give a care about expanding the square footage between those walls to help serve MORE of the underserved.

In Indianapolis, HealthNet’s service area consists of 59 census tracts:

  • 48 of which are medically underserved areas
  • 30 are health professional shortage areas
  • And 26 are dental health professional shortage areas.

Also within this service area, over 45% of residents are living at or below 200% of poverty level, another barrier on top of the lack of access to care.  (For more facts, figures, and maps click here)

After a short power nap for our grassroots advocacy, it is time to grab that Red Bull, Monster, or your favorite energy drink because we need to get going on pushing for an increase in funding for Fiscal Year 2012!!

Following the National Association of Community Health Centers’ lead, ask your Representative to submit a programmatic request by May 20th increasing the Health Center Program’s funding by $200 million.  A total of $1.79 billion of discretionary spending for the Health Centers Program “is necessary to allow Health Centers to meet the existing and persistent need of Americans seeking primary and preventive care services.”

HealthNet has been able to expand services at our Southwest Health & Dental Center, People’s Health & Dental Center and soon-to-be expanded Barrington Health & Dental Center, which is currently under construction.  We have submitted a New Access Point proposal, and with an increase in programmatic funding, it will strengthen our chances of serving MORE of those people who need it within our service area.

Learn how you can give a care.  Learn how to contact your Representative today!  All Indianapolis residents will benefit.

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