Turn that Mother’s Day card into a gift that keeps on giving!!

Can you believe it? Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away!

On May 8, nearly 140 million Mother’s Day cards will be exchanged in the United States. Most of these cards cost between $4 and $5!

Now imagine what would happen if you donate that five dollars to your favorite Indy non-profit in honor of Mom. We could CHANGE our city for the better!

But wait…you may be wondering how five dollars can change anything. When it comes to women’s health, five dollars helps ensure that a woman who can’t afford a mammogram will get one. Five dollars helps create a community of support and a place to turn for questions when an inner-city woman finds out she has breast cancer. Five dollars gives us the ability to provide tools that enable girls and women to become better health advocates. Five dollars changes everything.

Consider making a gift to HealthNet in honor or in memory of all the moms in your life. And if you’re thinking a $5 donation doesn’t make a difference, think again. If every one of our blog readers, e-newsletter subscribers, Twitter followers and Facebook supporters made a $5 donation in honor of their mom or loved one this Mother’s Day, we’d raise more than $20,000 for early breast cancer detection and awareness for women in need. That’s right — $20,000.

We all know the value of access to health care services, and I know that many of you care deeply about women’s health issues. So this Mother’s Day, when you’re contemplating which card to buy, honor your mom with a gift to HealthNet.

With every $5 donation, we’re on our way to changing Indy. Let’s make our city a healthier place for moms everywhere!


Want to keep up-to-date with HealthNet’s efforts to improve access to health care in Indy? Friend, follow and find out more!

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