A Gift that more than just your mom will remember…

This year it is estimated that people will spend roughly $1.9 BILLION on flowers for Mother’s Day!! Yes, that is billion with a “B” – can you believe it?

Of course, mom will be thrilled and admire the beauty and scent of the flowers for a few days but then what? This year, why not consider giving her a gift that will not wilt, not lose its color and not need to be thrown away in a week. This year, why not consider giving her a gift of life – for someone else. For the cost of a bouquet of flowers, you could make a $25 contribution to HealthNet’s Mammography Program to assist uninsured women living in poverty receive access to life-saving preventative screenings.

When it comes to women’s health, a gift of $25 helps ensure that a woman who can’t afford a mammogram will get one. It helps create a community of support and a place to turn for questions when an inner-city woman finds out she has breast cancer. A gift of $25 gives us the ability to provide tools that enable girls and women to become better health advocates. This gift changes everything.

Consider making a gift to HealthNet in honor or in memory of all the moms in your life. We all know the value of access to health care services, and I know that many of you care deeply about women’s health issues. So this Mother’s Day, when you’re contemplating which bouquet of flowers to buy, consider honoring your mom with a gift to HealthNet.

Click to make your $25 donation online or send a check by mail to HealthNet.  With each donation, we’re on our way to changing Indy. Let’s make our city a healthier place for moms everywhere!

Other suggestions on how to make a difference?  Have a fun Mother’s Day story?  Comment below.  Keep the conversation going!!


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