Winter Walking in Indy: Little Steps, Big Reward

Another cold, gray Indiana winter officially begins tomorrow. What’s YOUR strategy to stay active this season?

Let’s face it. The temptation to hunker down and stay put is almost insurmountable. Yes, indeed, just as soon as the weather cooperates, you’re going to start (or get back into) taking regular walks to improve your health and boost your spirits.

All you need to put your plan into action is for the snowy winter storms to go away, right? Then all will be well, at least for a couple months, until the rainy spring or summer’s wilting heat and humidity arrive.

Maybe bad weather isn’t the problem. You could be having difficulty finding time to walk outside because your job schedule has changed or home life demands have increased. Perhaps there are no sidewalks, trails or safe pedestrian areas near your home or work.

Walk anywhere, feel better

Although “location, location, location” is the watchword of success in real estate, it doesn’t matter for healthy walking. When you walk at a comfortably quick pace inside an office building, school, fitness center, shopping center or your own home, you get the same benefits as when you walk outdoors.

Don’t have access to a treadmill? Check the library, video store or online for walking DVDs and tapes. When you pop these in, you get pace-setting music, advice on technique and timed walk routines with a variety of movements.

Marching the mall

If you can resist the smell of warm cinnamon buns wafting through the air, you might enjoy mall walking. Many enclosed shopping centers open early just for walkers and some stay open a bit later for the same reason.

Walking in Indy

Indianapolis is consistently ranked as one of the most walkable cities in the U.S.:

As winter begins, develop a strategy to stay active in spite of the weather. Make plans to see Indy on foot. Resist the urge to be a couch potato and get out there!


What’s your favorite walking spot in Indy? Share your tips below!

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