From Corrections to a Safe Place

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Having worked with the corrections, work release, addictions, and Veterans populations, I had never heard of HealthNet prior to obtaining my call for an interview for a position I had applied for via IU Health’s website.  I dealt with a population that was court ordered to come see me for services and they felt they had already paid their debt to society, and unable to understand how coming into substance abuse therapy may help connect with family or help with sobriety.

Upon starting my tenure at HealthNet, I noticed how it was just different, in a good way – of course, feeling all together!!  The patients had such positive comments about their respective clinics, providers, and other staff members.  Not only did the patients care about their level of care they received from the centers, but all of the doctors, MAs, nurses, managers, and all other staff are so involved in the care of their patients.  I get the sense it is more than a clinic, rather it can be considered a safe place for a lot of the patients that we serve.  I’ve had numerous patients on numerous occasions mention how they don’t feel comfortable going anywhere else besides any HealthNet clinic for their medical services.  It was so amazing to hear patients talk about having seen the pediatrician when they were younger and how their child or children now see the same pediatrician.

Some patients have no where else to turn but their respective HealthNet clinics for support.  The level of flexibility that is offered between clinics is outstanding.  Patients are able to go to either of the 9 clinics we have in order to get their needs met, whether it be primary care, OB, smoking cessation, dietician, social work resources, behavioral health, pulmonary, podiatry, optometry, dental, psychiatry, etc all services that are provided under one roof.  It is quite breathtaking to be a part of such a powerful, yet caring organization!

We are the one stop shop of primary care and Behavioral Health Services!

Editor’s note: This month’s theme is “Our HealthNet”!  Our bloggers have taken on this topic and are talking about how it takes a community for us to provide quality health care and support services.  Click here to find out more about our topic this month.

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