Eat Healthy by Getting your Plate in Shape!

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At the beginning of May HealthNet and IU Health started a voucher program that provided $7.00/week to shop at the Garden on the Go locations.  This Rx program will run from May thru November 2012.  There will be 25 participants chosen to participate.  I currently have 21 participants enrolled.  There have been many positive comments on how this has helped increase the intake of fruits and vegetables.  Thank you to all my patients who are participating.

photo from National Nutrition Month

Getting back to the basics of healthy eating is to eat foods in their most natural form.  Many foods in our society are processed and ready to eat.  These types of foods have more fat, salt and sugar.  By using the plate to get in shape, you can make informed choices and get the right amount of fruits/vegetables in your daily intake.  Half your plate should be fruits/vegetables, a quarter protein and a quarter grains.

Diet Tip:

How many fruits and veggies should you eat?  Five or more per day.  Try to get a rainbow of colored fruits and veggies daily.
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