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“Our” HealthNet is right! They have become such a big part of our lives, our families, and our community. HealthNet is growing and changing (for the better) in the most conventional ways but keeping with the same timeless values.

To me it’s like, I’m the adult watching a kid grow and mature right before my eyes.

That’s probably because HealthNet has been a part of my life since I was a kid. Whoa, that makes me sound really OLD! It’s like the funny old man voice…”well back in my day.” But seriously, my mom brought me to Barrington Pediatrics. Later on, I hung around to get to know the OB team through both of my pregnancies, then right back to Pediatrics where DR. DICKERSON SAVED MY SON’S LIFE!  And what do ya know, now I work for HealthNet, and my 2 month old grandson is a Barrington patient too. How ya like them apples?!

It’s truly AWESOME!

HealthNet is growing and nurturing the people of Indy while developing lasting and quality relationships. IT’S TRUE! I’ve asked around. I’ve been told by others that HealthNet is:

  • Innovative

  • Helpful

  • Caring

Our HealthNet is full of different personalities, stories and services, and I think this is what makes life so intriguing!  Hopefully we keep growing and serving all of those who need it in the Indianapolis community.

Editor’s note: This month’s theme is “Our HealthNet”!  Our bloggers have taken on this topic and are talking about how it takes a community for us to provide quality health care and support services.  Click here to find out more about our topic this month.

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