Do you value the kids around you?

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Kids are just the most adorable and naive little people!! 

We as adults  see them as just that and tend to forget that they are also so in tune to what is going on around them.  So, lets all take a minute to give credit to kids all around the world.  We have all heard the amazing stories on TV, newspapers, talk shows, etc, on how various children, of various ages, have done extravagant things to help save another’s life.  There is an old wives tale “it takes a village to raise a kid.”  I completely see a lot of value in that, especially in our present day.

Look around you, what do you see in the world today?

Crime rates increasing, violence, abuse, neglect, bullying, youth suicide rates increasing, etc.  Is such an environment safe to raise our most naive, precious, and sponge like gems?  I don’t think so.  So you ask, “What can I do?”  Well, there is a lot that one can do.  Kids really are just kids, and rely on an adult to tell them and show them what is wrong and what is right, what is appropriate and what is not, what is respect versus disrespect, and the list goes on.  The unfortunate part, which I see on a daily basis, however,  is that our society, including parents, family members, teachers, principals, school administrators, etc are going through a shift.  For whatever the reason, they seem to not be aware of the dilemmas and tragedies that kids experience at their age.  I hear comments such as “oh, he is a kid, what does he know about stress” or “he should not be depressed, he has no worries,”  but what we fail to understand is that kids soak up the emotional stressors that are present in their homes, which is causing them to react in such a manner.

Let’s take a simple example of bullying, which is such a big topic of discussion when it comes to school performance.  Did you know that there is a link between bullying and depression?  This applies to the bully and the victim.  Did you know that people who are bullied as children grow up to suffer from depression more so than people who were not bullied?

Did you know that any sort of change that occurs in a child’s life has an affect on them emotionally, mentally, and developmentally?  If the children around you begin to act different than their normal behaviors, that is your sign that something is not quite right with them emotionally.  Talk to them; find out what’s on their mind.  Not only are children/youth like precious, sponge like gems, however they are little gardens that need to be fed and nurtured with care and love regularly.  If they do not get what they need in order to grow up to be mature, responsible, independent adults; they get derailed into the land of anger, pain, grief, frustration, resentment, etc.  Regularly I see in my office kids coming in with issues of depression, anxiety, and anger and the root cause is bullying, changes that have occurred in their life, past/current abuse or neglect.   So, if you are in a new relationship, do still take the time to spend with your kids to let them know that you care and love them as well.  Encourage your kids to keep an open line of communication with you, so that if they are hurt by someone else, they are not ashamed or scared to tell you.  Teachers, administrators, principals, when a student comes to you and tells you they are being bullied, or you see bullying taking place; please do not let it go unaddressed.  There is a lot of suffering that goes on behind closed doors when that happens.

It is our responsibility as a whole society, to make sure each and everyone of our precious gems are getting the love, care, attention, etc they need.  Please do your part in helping a child that you know, to help our future be a better place!  Please contact any of the our clinics in your area to schedule an appointment with one of our Behavioral Health Therapists if your kids have difficulty opening up to you or are engaging in behaviors out of their norm.

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