The temperatures may be dropping a bit in Indy.. but your car could still be heating up

Indianapolis weather has been BRUTAL lately.  Record temperatures, no rain, a burn ban, and tomorrow the water ban goes into effect.

This dry heat and lack of humidity keep temperatures up, and we unfortunately have heard of a couple cases where the heat has caused major harm and even death to children.

Just this past Saturday, a 4-month-old girl passed away after being left alone in a car, and the same day a 16-month-old girl was rushed to the hospital after her mother left her alone for an hour in a car that turned out to be at an estimated 124 degrees on the inside.

Since it is Give A Care About Kids month here on our GiveACareIndy blog, I think it is only right to address and inform about these situations.

A recent article done online at talked about how quickly your car can heat up on an 80 degree day.  Check out the picture below:

photo attributed to Stephen J. Beard

There are many factors that go into how quickly your car can heat up, but this chart is still startling.

In just 10 minutes… your car can reach 99 degrees on an 80 degree day.

In 20 minutes… you are looking at almost 110 degrees inside of your car.

Here is a short video as well to give you a visual on just how hot your car can get on a NORMAL temperatured day:

The temperatures hear in Indy will drop.  We all know it can’t stay like this forever, but even as temperatures cool down, your car can just as easily heat up.  Make sure to take a look before you leave! The two cases that happened over the weekend DEFINITELY are the exception, but I’m sure this thought has been in the back of many parents’ minds:

I’m just running in and out. Tommy can look after his little sister for a few minutes.

Heat is a powerful thing.  Make sure you take the proper precautions and keep your children safe.

Share this post with parents that you know! The statistics are startling when you think about it.

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