Mid-May Catch Up – Learn about everything we have done so far in 2011…

Sometimes it is good to take a step back, breath deep, and look at your surroundings.  That is EXACTLY what this post is doing.  We keep forging ahead talking about new topics, what is ABOUT to happen in Indy, and what these things mean to us.  Well let’s just slow things down for a second and catch our breaths….  Here is what has happened so in 2011 (Time has been FLYING by!)

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Blanket Indy With Care –
Supporting our Homeless Initiative Program…

February featured a campaign to raise awareness and support for our Homeless Initiative Program!  The campaign included efforts on the social media front as well as a direct mail piece that may have been sent to your home.  Take a look at our news archive to read what it was all about. A huge thanks to everyone who took a few minutes to support the campaign. You are helping thousands of homeless people in Indy get much-needed care and reach their goals!

Whatever you call ‘em, check ‘em –
A fun spin on a serious subject…

Bebops, Bazooms, Pillows, the Girls… Our Whatever You Call ‘Em, Check ‘em campaign has been ongoing since mid-April to raise awareness about breast health and the importance of regular check-ups and screening mammograms, particularly for women living in poverty.  A fun question posed on Facebook asked “What do YOU call ‘em?”.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged a woman in your life to take care of her “girls,” and to help others do the same. So many social, economic and cultural barriers prevent low-income women from getting a screening mammogram. You ARE making a difference in Indy!

We had many WONDERFUL patient and staff stories about breast cancer
- you can find them here.


Spring Into Action!
Getting residents active on the southeast side…

On Saturday, April 30, HealthNet teamed up with students from the University of Indianapolis to pilot a walking program called Spring Into Action.  Nearly 100 Indianapolis residents participated in the kick-off, a 1-mile fun walk throughout Fountain Square. Participants stopped at certain spots along the route to get their blood pressure checked and body fat estimated.
A great turnout for what will be a great program!  Click here to read more about it.

Social Media Presence
Giving you inside information daily…

Pictures of health center construction on Facebook… What’s up with our Outreach programs with @GiveACareIndy… FQHC Advocacy with @Indy_HealthNet… More detailed info with our e-newsletters!  There are a number of ways to keep up-to-date with what is going on with us!  Sign up for all or sign up for one – you don’t have to just sit and watch. Our social media outlets are here to get YOUR perspective and gain feedback from YOU.  Comment, retweet, and enter a discussion on how we can all give greater care to those who need it most in Indianapolis.


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