Learn 20 tips to fit more activity into your day

Have the cold days of winter left you feeling out of shape?

You’re not alone.

Join the “feeling unpleasantly plump” club that, according to a joint report from the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, includes a startling 29 percent of Indiana adults. Indiana’s adult obesity rate was at 28.1 percent in 2010, ranking it 17th in the nation. That’s down from 16th in 2009, but the state’s obesity rate climbed from 27.4 percent.

Now that spring is here, put “staying active” on your “to-do” list. Learn how much exercise you need to control your weight, and try these 20 tips for fitting more activity into your day from the Harvard School of Public Health.

You can also help others in Indy do the same.

According to Trust for America’s Health, “individuals must be given the tools they need to engage in more physical activity, since even the smallest amounts of activity can lead to major improvements.”

The communities we live in should allow greater opportunities for activity, including places for safe and affordable public recreation and increased availability of sidewalks.

HealthNet and the University of Indianapolis are partnering to bring a free and fun walking program to the Fountain Square community this spring. Fountain Square, while home to some trendy restaurants and shops, is also located in one of the poorest zip codes in the city. Students worked with HealthNet’s Health Promotions staff  to design safe, accessible walking trails. The program is set to kick off in April, and will include incentives for residents to stick with their health goals.

If you’d like to help HealthNet’s Health Promotions in their efforts to bring similar programs to other Indy neighborhoods, small donations can help a lot. Let’s make Indy a healthier place to live!

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