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National Bullying Prevention Month

Post by Laura Jay-Ballinger October is National Bullying Prevention Month.  Bully is becoming a huge problem for kids in school as well as kids and adults on the internet.  According to, 25 percent of public schools report bullying happens at school on a weekly basis!  In addition, 1 in 3 kids report being cyber-bullied [...]

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Are you taking enough time for yourself?

Post by Laura Jay-Ballinger, MA, LMHC Self-care is a simple concept with a difficult application in life.  It is an essential part of emotional well-being and something that is often overlooked.  We get into the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and often focus our attention on to-do lists or taking care of others.  [...]

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Kids Not as Excited to Go Back to School as You Are?

Post by Bhumi Bhavsar Yes, it’s that time of year again; the kids are going back to school – which means shopping for clothes, shoes, school supplies- the whole works!!  You’re excited and others are excited, however you notice that your child doesn’t seem excited; rather their behavior seems to have taken a change for the [...]

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The Holidays – Joys and Fears

Post by Bhumi Bhavsar With the Holidays slowly creeping up again, it can be a very stressful time of the year. One of the most basic tips I tell all my patients, is self care.  Self care is very important – make sure you take some time out of your busy daily schedule to refocus [...]

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How to Live Well…Even During the Holidays!

Post by Laura Jay-Ballinger Our blogs this month focus on getting back to the basics during the often chaotic and stressful holiday season. As a behavioral health therapist, I often hear my patients say that the holidays just don’t seem to be what they “should.”  Instead of instant holiday bliss as shown in magical holiday movies, [...]

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One Way to Help Your Family Thrive TODAY

Post by Bhumi Bhavsar Things really have changed as time has progressed. Nowadays, it is becoming more common to talk about problems, issues, concerns, etc.  In the “good old days” you would never hear of people talking outside of their home about their issues. Does that mean that those issues did not exist back then?  [...]

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Making a House a Home

Post by Bhumi Bhavsar When you think of a “home” what comes to mind?  Some words that come to mind for me are stability… consistency… safety… love… support… communication…and care. Home is where one can go to feel all of those things, and then some. What do you think is the difference between a home [...]

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Give a Care About Home

Post by Laura Jay-Ballinger To me, home as always meant a place of comfort.  Whether that was my physical house that I grew up in or the people that represented this sense of security, home equaled safety.  I remember being a scared college freshman and feeling so much relief and protection being able to visit [...]

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Getting Your Hope Back

Post written by Laura Jay-Ballinger.  Click here to learn more about our entire blog team. The idea of hope is always one that has captivated me.  What does it really mean to hope?  What does hope look like?  How can we obtain this illusive hope?  You hear “hope makes anything possible” or “hope is what [...]

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We're in this Together.

We’re in this Together. The feeling you get when walking through our doors!

post written by Laura Jay-Ballinger.  To meet the rest of our blog team, click here! As eluded to in my bio, I started as a student interning at HealthNet in 2009.  It was a brief stint- roughly two months- in which I jumped head first into the work and community of caregivers. I was terrified! [...]

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